My name is Ingrid Galadriel and this is a blog about my adventures in history, crafting, farm life, film production, music and nature. When I'm not doing farm life activities I'm a documentary producer at UpNorth Film and a project manager in Hands on History.

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Two new family members

Two new family members

Life happened. And I’m in a much better and happier place.

Presenting a short recap of how life has unfolded in the last months.

On the 27th on July 2018, Oselott, Panter and Tom was born. Mama cat Palina gave birth to them in a hole under the Stabbur and we had to perform a major rescue operation to get both the mama cat and the baby kittens out and to safety.

As the kittens grew bigger we found new homes for them.

But we couldn’t let go of Oselott. As the second most lovely cat in the world she was meant to roam our gardens, hunting for mice and butterflies.


Summer passed.

I went on a Viking Hike with Hands on History. I attended Midgardsblot Metal Festival to sing, do a talk on Viking life and to make a video for the festival.

Autumn came.

I joined Heilung on stage in Copenhagen and in London. I organized the international Re-enactor and Living History conference ReConference with Hands on History, Ratobor and Ulfhednir at The National Museum in Denmark.

And I fell in love.

With a crash, boom and a bang. And there was no turing back.


Don’t worry.

I’m not going to elaborate a lot on the madly in love part. The part about how everything suddenly makes sense and you find this calm inner peace. When your general mood is being satisfied and happy. When the world around you keeps moving but you rather just stay at home.

If you’ve ever experienced this yourself you understand my current state of being.


So what am I up to these days?

Working full time as a documentary film producer. And since both of us work from home, we have plenty of time to spend on making the farm a wonderful place to live.

Several small and big projects going on gives me plenty to write about and I’m very much looking forward to sharing my experiences with you in the time to come.

Restore the barn with wood and lime.

Mount the grindstone, spinn the wool.

Lay down the slate and pick the herbs.

That’s what Bilbo Baggins likes.

XoXo Ingrid Galadriel


A grindstone

A grindstone

Back to the 60s

Back to the 60s