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Bedroll for Viking Hiking

Bedroll for Viking Hiking

The mysterious bedroll.

Over the years, a lot of people have asked me how it’s designed, what it consists of and what materials are used. Let me try to explain.

First of all, as a short disclaimer, I would like to add that we don’t really have any archeological evidence for this kind of bedroll.

The design is based on bedrolls from other time periods such as 18th century trekking. However, as experienced historical trekkers we have tried several variations and have come to the conclusion that this design and content is quite plausible and fitting for the time period.

Second, I would like to add that this is our version of a bedroll - adapted to our needs when hiking in Norway. In this case it’s for a summer hike. So when reading and watching, try to think through your needs. A sleeping hat might not be necessary in a warmer country.


I will boldly state that the people living during the Viking age did not have the leisure of vacations or trekking for fun. Trekking was done when hunting or when traveling from A to B.

Also, one might wonder if they tried to avoid sleeping outside, especially alone, and if sleeping outside for fun might have been considered dangerous?

As the modern man would fear bad weather and wild animals - the people of the Viking era would also, and more so, fear the unseen - the spirits, gods and gnomes.

Ingrid (1).jpg

These are not gnomes.

Just me and Heidi looking happy after a hug.

Besides, I am fearless when with Heidi as she knows her way around the forest and mountains.

Did I mention she agreed to team up when the zombie apocalypse is upon us?


Enjoy the video.

Thank you Troels for sending me an e-mail with many good questions to answer.

How sound affects

How sound affects