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How sound affects

How sound affects

This week has been both busy and eventful. We are working on several films parallelly and this week we had a director, a photographer, an executive producer, one of the characters and our intern staying with us at the farm.

They are shooting for our up-coming feature length documentary about sound:

“Oh, It Hertz!”


Have you ever wondered how sound affects you?

The film’s title is “Oh, It Hertz!”. It explores the hidden universe of sound. Sound that can kill cancer. Sound that can be a weapon. Sound that can make objects fly and bridges crumble. Sound that we can’t hear, but which possess the power to make us feel good or bad. 

How does sound affect our ears, bodies, psyche and soul?


The two pictures above are from locations we filmed a scene in. You might recognize the location from this blog post.

When the director and photographer asked for a beautiful location somewhere in the near by nature, I did not hesitate to show them this one.

I have already learned a lot about sound by working on this film and I can relate many of my new-found discoveries about sound to the work I am fortunate to do with Heilung on stage.

It’s powerful to experience what sound can do to the brain and body. I remember the first time Christoffer and Maria (Heilung) played me some “Heilung samples” - I felt really unwell. Nauseous and angry. The sounds and Kais voice, the words he was singing provoked me and made me restless. And then, Marias voice joining the mix as a sorely needed, beautiful but utterly sad release.


Where I live there is total, natural silence. There are many noisy birds, wind in the trees and farting sounds.

The film will be done in 2020 and I’m very exited to see the final result.

In the mean while we will keep producing - but first I’m of to Cannes to experience the sound of France.

Bedroll for Viking Hiking

Bedroll for Viking Hiking

A grindstone

A grindstone