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Chicken Mama me

We are preparing the south part of the barn for chickens. And maybe bunnies? And maybe some piglets?

"Chickens first Ingrid, don't get carried away".  


We went to Tautra, an island a few km from our farm to meet and greet the hen and her chickens.

They now live at a big farm with many animals.

Soon they will move into our barn. 


There is much to learn about keeping chickens. We don't want to make any mistakes. 

Rickard has been reading books about chickens for a couple of years (once an academic, always an academic)

Our friend Jorunn has been sending us informative hands on how-to-keep-chicken videos.

Much obliged.  

The timber walls on the inside of the barn is treated with white lime.

Lime binds the moist, or rather - ensures that the moisture that penetrates the wood quickly dries out again. Its also disinfecting and ensures high PH values.

Bugs don't like it!  


The timber walls have been under attack from the Anobium punctatum beetle (Stripet Borebille).  

They are noe longer active but we need to make sure they don't come back once the barn gets warm and cozy again. 


Building a safe home for hen mama and her chickens. 

We've spent about two weeks cleaning the barn - emptying it of general crap and dust, sweeping the walls and floor.

Three full 20 cubic containers of crap!

(And here follows a justified "Holy crap!)  


Chickens will have about 20 m2 indoor space and 30 m2 outdoor space. 

A hatch in the wall with a ladder to roost in and out. 


Looking forward to showing you how it will look when its done! 

I'm going to be a mother again. Yey! 

Waterproofing Turshoes

Waterproofing Turshoes

That's the spot!

That's the spot!