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Fire-starting kit

Fire-starting kit

About one and a half year ago Hands on History crowd funded to start making videos. The money we funded was of great importance as it gave us a boost and pushed us to work more and harder on making visual content.

A big thank you to all of those who contributed.


One of the perks of the crowd funding was "hidden gems" - for this perk we decided to make some bone cape needles.

One of the other perks was "get the finished product"... 

This proved to be hard, as we didn't end up making a video about "how to make" something specific.

Since one of the videos was about hiking and cooking in the Viking age we decided to make this perk a fire starting kit. 


The kit contains an iron fire striker, flint, birch bark and some tinder.

The leather pouch is a copy from Haithabu made by Mari at Lost Frog

Mari is a total badass, slaughtering goats, tanning their skins and stitching the leather. 


This is the tinder, or Knuskkjuke/TΓΈnder in Norwegian (Fomes Fomentrius). 

Its a mushroom that grows on birch trees.

Its very flammable. 

After you pick it, it needs to dry. 

Then you cut it in thin slices. 

(Its almost the same process as dating someone using the Tiner app)

Its also useful to have a tube made from birch bark. 


When you want to make a fire:

Stuff the birch bark tube with thin pieces of dry bark and dry gass. 

Catch the spark from the flint on a piece of tinder.

Put the tinder in the tube (top) and blow gently. 


If you are going to harvest the Fomes Fomentrius, try getting it of a dead tree. The mushroom might be endangered where you live. 

We hope that this fire starting kit comes in handy. 

Thank you for the support =) 

Farmbrewing imposed by law

Farmbrewing imposed by law

Fire pump from 1800s

Fire pump from 1800s