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The Power of Moss

The Power of Moss

We get a lot of questions about personal hygiene while hiking and what natural remedies we use. Truth is - we don't really use a lot. Everything extra that you have to carry with you is a hassle and we don't mind being dirty. It's just forest dirt anyway. 

But we do have a friend that is easy to find and use - the Sphagnum moss. 

During the Second World War there was a lack of cotton that could be used for bandages.

The moss was gathered and used as compress bandages on wounds.

The moss was dried and soaked with white garlic.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic.


Also, this moss is great as a sanitary napkin. 

How to? Take some moss and wrap it in a soft linnen bag. 


If I'm correct, the area of Norway where we live (TrΓΈndelag) is the area in the world with the most species of Sphagnum moss. 

About 50 I think. 

Plenty to go around! 

Chickens in tha house!

Chickens in tha house!

King of the Hill

King of the Hill