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King of the Hill

King of the Hill

This weekend we've been out hiking - sailing into the deep fjords and walking through the forest and ridges.

We are preparing for our event King of the Hill. We can't wait to take the participants to this magical place. 


I can't even begin to describe how lucky I feel to be living in a country where you can still find huge areas of pure, raw nature - untouched by human hands. 

No roads (not even paths), no buildings, no infrastructure and no power lines on the horizon. 


The participants are in for an adventure!

We will start the hike at the Viking Longhouse at Jøa.

Then we will travel by THREE different boats to get to our starting point. 

The hike will go on for five days and four nights.

Nature will be in our blood by the end of this hike.  


King of the Hill is a re-enactment event with competitive game design.

Its an of-grid event with a BWC “Bring only What you can Carry” policy.

Its a survival and exploration hiking game where the participants are given the opportunity to hands on explore the world, the way and the mindset of the Vikings.

We are being super secretive about the game and its elements. We want no spoilers and we want to surprise the participants. 


When we got back home we both had a long, warm shower. 

I miss the moss and the cold mountain water. 

The Power of Moss

The Power of Moss

The Åsen tea party

The Åsen tea party