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Chilli & Clitoris

Chilli & Clitoris

Planning a veggie garden is serious business.

Two months ago tiny seeds of chilli were laid in soil. Eight months ago seeds from beans, peas and edible flowers were picked, dried and stored. Other seeds were hunted online during winter. 

Spring is coming! 


This blog is a very revealing example of how my brain works. 

I'm taking pictures of chilli plants, seeds and home made newspaper pots and I notice something in the kitchen that I like and I start taking pictures of that instead. 


Bear with me. 

These are porcelain spoons that I decorated with some excess Viking bling. 

Silver, bronze and beads just lingering in a drawer. What a shame. 

Bling bling

And then I go like "Oh, bread is done" 

And, "Oh, I like those spoons too" 

My blog. My rules. 


Cheers for spring and a fruitful veggie garden! 

And, in the top photo there is an embroidered text. 

It says "Flit är lyckans högra hand" - "diligence is the right hand of happiness"

Problem is...

The F is all messed up so it looks like a K... 

Which makes it say

"The clitoris is the right hand of happiness" 

Love it! 

So much Viking stuff

So much Viking stuff

The safety of ridges

The safety of ridges