My name is Ingrid Galadriel and this is a blog about my adventures in history, crafting, farm life, film production, music and nature. When I'm not doing farm life activities I'm a documentary producer at UpNorth Film and a project manager in Hands on History.

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Wars don't end - I'm expecting a blacksmith!

Wars don't end - I'm expecting a blacksmith!

Dear diary...

This week has been very busy indeed. Working on a new documentary project, continuing the work on the barn and making plans for summer. 

I feel lucky and alive. 

I started doing outreach-work on a new documentary called Wars don't end - a interview based documentary telling the story of the children who were born during the second world war in Norway. 

Children with a Norwegian mother and a German father. 

They story of the second world war required someone who we - the Norwegians - could blame and publically shame.

For some children, the war started when peace came to Norway. 


Its going to take a while before this film is out and available, but I'm very exited to be working on it.

I know it will move some mountains. 

I also finally finished my little office space. 


I'm trying really hard to get some writing done - both for Wars don't end and for a new article, but I am having trouble focusing. 

I went by my moms cabin to get some peace.

That worked for a while, until I lost my focus and started taking pictures. 


This week also consisted of a lot of work on the barn. 

The pre-project of clearing all the shit out and securing the building has soon come to an end and we are really starting to see the potential in this strange building! 


Summer is coming up and my calendar is full until August. 

We have four long hikes planned, two in Namskogan and two i Gisnadalen.

Our hike in Namskogan will start with a 3 hour boat ride through the fjords.

Heidi was there last year and managed to get some of the tempting magic on film. 

Can't wait to get out there! 

In just a couple of weeks Harald the Smith will visit and stay with us for a few weeks before he is of to Lofoten.

Harald's real name is Črtomir, but since none of us can pronounce that, his name is just Harald.

Very exited to see him again. 

A blacksmith comes around, and suddenly half of the iron in the general area disappears. Wartime efforts all over again. 

Harald's work. Photo: J. Stehlikova

Harald's work. Photo: J. Stehlikova

I have also been making plans to go to Sarpsborg Viking Festival. 

Songleikr is booked to play the festival and I can't wait to get some Maria & Christopher-time! <3 

A very special guest, Ykara from Spain is joining me in Sarpsborg.

Omg, we will be two divas roaming the festival! 



Sleeping shelter aka Tarp

Sleeping shelter aka Tarp

A carpenter's shed

A carpenter's shed