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A carpenter's shed

A carpenter's shed

In the barn there is a carpenters shed. Or a woodworkers shed. A "snekkerbod" in Norwegian.

Today I cleaned it out and unpacked our tools.

Oh the joy! 


Cleaning out, I found 1 million small nifty objects that tell a story. 

A neat bottle with oil, one beer glass from a local brewery (according to the brewer that I spoke to at Dahls its from the 1970s) and one bottle for cream with 10 % fat (assumably from the 1950s).  


Pictures from beer commercial in 1974, the same brewery - similar logo. Funny how logos change over the years to meet the needs of the changing eye of the consumer. 

Ups, back to the topic!

I swept the timber roof, walls and floor humming "The Work Song" from Disney's Cinderella.

Many years of nothing generates a lot of dirt and piles of "stuff you might need for later".  


All cleaned out I could start unpacking the tools!

I am so much looking forward to filling this room with "the holy grails of creativity" which in my eyes are good materials and sharp tools.  


We have a collection of 30 + chisels for woodcarving. Last night I sat down to sew a foldable, portable casing for them. 

With this system I can hang the casing on the wall when the chisels are at use.

When I'm leaving to meet up with other woodcarving nerds I can roll up the casing and carry the chisels with me. Safe like a baby.

Casing is made from hand woven, thick linnen.  


Packing and unpacking is underestimated. 

The joy of finding the fist knife I ever made and the knife my grandfather made for me. 

And that whetstone that has been missing for ages...


I need to make a storage system for these babies to. 


Above the door to the shed hangs a horseshoe. 

According to folklore a horseshoe over the door brings you luck. 

However, I never understood if the horseshoe is supposed to hang this way or the other!

Some say the luck will "poor out of the shoe" if the arch points upwards. Some say it brings bad luck if the arch points downwards - because the shoe then looks like the letter U, the first letter of the Norwegian word ulykke (meaning both accident and unhappiness). 

Guess I will have to put one more up with the arch facing down. 

Don't want to take any chances when I'm going to be handling sharp tools. 


Cinderella's white horse brings her peach ice tea and praises. 

Cinderella wishes her first born would bring her yellow flowers. 

Cinderella's first born forgets to do so, even though he walks past the yellow flowers every day. 

Cinderella pics her own flowers. 


Next up: start woodworking! 

Wars don't end - I'm expecting a blacksmith!

Wars don't end - I'm expecting a blacksmith!

Great Big Story

Great Big Story