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Great Big Story

Great Big Story

Last autumn, Great Big Story (CNN) payed me a visit.

We roamed around the forest and mountains for a day and they interviewed me in our old workshop.

Here's the video and some "behind the scenes" photos. 

Getting a phone call from Storyfire - who produce videos for Great Big Story - is pretty absurd. 

Iv'e had some unpleasant experiences with media, so we had to talk for a while before both parties agreed to do this. 

They wanted "a real Viking" - I wanted to be honest. 

I'm happy with the result. 


In this photo, taken between shots, it probably looks like me and Heidi are chilling out. 

Truth is, we had to lay down on the grown not to blow away. 

When we reached the top of the mountain - the final location - it was so windy we all kept falling over. 

The camera guy could barely hold on to his camera and the brave vikings lost their balance. 


We found a spot sheltered from the wind - but it was still quite hard to get the fire going. 


On the menu? 

Smoked camera man ass. 

Skjermbilde 2018-04-22 kl. 18.46.45.png
Skjermbilde 2018-04-22 kl. 18.46.13.png

Storyfire were really professional throughout the whole process. 

We worked on the script together and they met us with understanding and curiosity. 

Thank you Storyfire for giving me a call. 

Thank you Heidi & Rickard (Hands on History) for always being up for a challenge. 

Thank you Tautvydas (Hands on History) for supplementing with film material. 

Thank you Einar for letting Storyfire use your Wardruna music. It adds to the epicness. 

At the same time the video was released there was an interview with me in Dagbladet, a Norwegian newspaper.

You can read it here


A carpenter's shed

A carpenter's shed

Stay warm with tøffla

Stay warm with tøffla