My name is Ingrid Galadriel and this is a blog about my adventures in history, crafting, farm life, film production, music and nature. When I'm not doing farm life activities I'm a documentary producer at UpNorth Film and a project manager in Hands on History.

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Stay warm with tøffla

I can't really find a good word for Tøffla in English. Warm, knitted, slipper? 

Our house is old and cold so my aunt stopped by with a surprise gift. Tøffla for the whole family. 

IMG_7681 (1).jpg
IMG_7694 (1).jpg
IMG_7665 (1).jpg

The hands of a true crafter. 

Thank you dear aunt. 

You make me Tøffla, I make you waffles & Coffee. 


Slippery woolen slippers is a slippery slope to slipp down the slippery stairs. 

So I decided to make some leather soles. 


Brown leather from cow and reindeer. 

Sole me up! 


Oh and I have to show you the scarf and mittens I bought in Iceland. 

With the Norwegian temperatures I can use these items from September to May... 

Stay warm!

Great Big Story

Great Big Story

Tool marks & Fungus

Tool marks & Fungus