My name is Ingrid Galadriel and this is a blog about my adventures in history, crafting, farm life and nature. I am passionate about preservation, cultural history and the Viking age. When I'm not doing farm life activities I'm a project manager in Hands on History.

 I hope you have a nice stay!


Five days and three nights in Iceland. Plenty of time to hike and explore. 

Roaming Iceland with my best friend - could it possibly get better? 

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We spent our first night in Reykjavík.

This is where over half of the Icelandic population reside.

It has a few very good restaurants and bars.  

The name Reykjavík means "smokey bay". It is said that the city got its name from the first settler who saw smoke rising nearby. 


Then we set of to explore. 

Magnus loves running uphill and he loves jumping around in terrain....


I prefer walking slowly (using my powerful thighs) and then relaxing. 

I broke my tale bone three weeks ago so I'm not as comfortable as I may look... 


We went a little of track and a little on track. 

Iceland is a newborn land. The landscape is a baby. The ground has not yet settled in.

The landscape hasn't "found itself". 

It takes a very long time for any vegetation to grow.

The moss is fragile.

Going on track is a nice thing to do to a baby. 


IMG_7257 (1).jpg

We later visited Arnarstapi - on the north-vest coast. 

This was the view from our cabin when we woke up in the morning. 



Making our way down again to Reykjavík we stopped at Þingvellir nasjonalpark (Tingvalla).  

This is thought to be the place where Icelanders held their first ting. 


The sauna season in Norway has come to an end, so we decided to give the sauna one last go. 

Sauna and out door pool in Iceland is strongly recommended. 



And of course, since we are Magnus and Ingrid we goofed around quite a lot. 

We had two different role plays going on:

One where we were two middle aged women on a trip with their colleagues from the Municipality and one where we were working for the Norwegian Tourist Industry. 

Thank you Iceland. 

Thank you Magnus. 

I will be back. 

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