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I am Åsta aka Birthwoman

I am Åsta aka Birthwoman

Today I have been giving birth for four hours.

In the making: A new Norwegian documentary series about Fat Olav. Or as some like to call him, Saint Olav - Olav Haraldsson - or even Olav the Holy.

Since I'm his mom I can call him Fat Olav. 

Short story:

(No I'm not going to explain who Olav was! If you don't know you need to reed up on some basic history. Shame on you)

Olavs father left Åsta to try his luck with a Swedish queen. Åsta, who is also a queen, is left alone to give birth to Olav. Birth is hard and slow. Åsta almost dies. Then the birth gets going with the help of a magic belt. 

Today we were shooting: The Birth scene! 


Why did I agree to do this?

Every time I watch a movie with a birth scene I really admire the actress, thinking "that must be the hardest part of acting". So vulnerable, difficult and scary! 

But, my alter ego superhero is "Birthwoman". She has very powerful thighs. My son never believes me so now I had the chance to prove it. Birthwoman is real. 

So, naturally, when I got asked to do the part I had to say yes!

Love a propper challenge! Love to prove stuff to my kid!

Documentary working title is "I Olavs Fotspor / In Olavs footsteps".

Production company is Ekkofilm. Anchor man and host is Kristofer Hivju.

It screens on NRK in 2020. 

Photo: Aleksander Fremstad Askim/ Ekkofilm

Photo: Aleksander Fremstad Askim/ Ekkofilm

Short synopsis:

"How close to the true story about Olav's life and holiness, is it possible to come by analyzing original sources and stories in a new context? The story of Olav Haraldsson is a perpetual story that is still defined and redefined, even today. The journey turns out to be not just a story about Olav, but about Norway and our collective history". 


To clarify, I am not an actress. 

That is, I have acted a few times. However, I do not consider my selv an actress.

I'm more like a tool. And this time the tool came in handy. 


Very exited about the final outcome! 

And curious about the story of Olav and how it will be told. 

Guess we have to put our trust in Kristofer Hivju - as I understand this has been a dream of his for quite some time. 

Napping Haithabu textiles

Napping Haithabu textiles

So much Viking stuff

So much Viking stuff