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The hose before bros

The hose before bros

Am I the only person that finds this garment from the past incredibly sexy? 

Her's a little something on the Viking hose. Includes Hilde Thunems latest research

viking hose.jpg

We have been experimenting with making different kinds of hose's for years. 

The experimenting evolves around the length of the hose, the width and shape of the hose, the direction of the warp and the weft (vertical, horizontal or diagonal), whether to reinforce or not to reinforce the edges of the hose and the stitching and pattern of the hose. 

By now we have about 10 pairs of hose's laying around... 

I even tried to make a pair of hose's in diamond twill once (2012). This was an epic fail since nighter the warp or the weft would behave in a predictable manner.  

Then I met this Swedish Worderboy

Rickard in his Hedeby hose's. 100 % wool, natural grey. 

Rickard in his Hedeby hose's. 100 % wool, natural grey. 

Who revolutionized my ideas about the hose.

The hose you see in these pictures are a reconstruction of a finding from Hedeby, Germany (former Denmark). 

That is, we are not 100 % sure that the finding is a hose - but this is our understanding and interpretation. 

Want to know more about the Viking hose?  Read this article by Hilde Thunem! 

Want to know more about the Viking hose? Read this article by Hilde Thunem! 

In some of the earlier attempts we used linnen as a reinforcement in the upper part of the hose.

This was when the fabric was cut diagonally and we were not sure if it would hold.

Cutting the fabric diagonally gives it more stretch which could give a better fit. 

There you go again, the modern perspective on how a sock SHOULD LOOK LIKE affect and influence the reconstruction... 

However, when the weft is horisontal you don't need extra linnen reinforcement. 

Viking hose.jpg

Who want's to sign a petition for making this garment reappear in fashion? 




Tunic for Viking Hiking

Tunic for Viking Hiking