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Wood shingle & cinnamon buns

Wood shingle & cinnamon buns

What a mess!

Old wood shingle, asphalt roofing felt, galvanized ceiling plates and eternit ceiling... 

Lucky for us Rickard baked some cinnamon buns.


The old wooden shingle. Its very hard to say how old it is but we are guessing mid 1800s.

Wood shingle is thin, tapered pieces of wood primarily used to cover roofs and walls of buildings to protect them from the weather.

It would be really cool to reconstruct this roof. 

Only problem is we are not sure how long a roof like this would hold? 


Our friend Daniel from Romania and his girlfriend from Portugal came to help out.

We could not have done this without them. 

Their reward? Swedish Cinnamon buns and hot coco. Daniel even put some jam on his. Rebell. 

When parts of the roof was removed I finally got to explore the barn in daylight. 

IMG_5559 (1).jpg

I discovered this writing on the wall.

I can't interpret it. Help? 


I also got to have a look at the two old wagons and the sled standing in the corner.

One had remains of animal poop in it. 

Notice the year painted on the wall?

This must be from the renovation in 1858 when the eldest son Nils took over the farm


I also found loads of old and gorgeous hand made panel. 

Guess who is going to make something out of it... 

Hope you had a nice Sunday! 

The kittens paw

The kittens paw

Winter slumber

Winter slumber