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The village idiot

The village idiot

Some of my most vivid childhood memories are those of ice, snow, wet shoes, cold hands, bruised knees and hunger.

And, pretending to be Lady Galadriel.

No, I was not abused as a child - back in the 80s this was simply referred to as a normal Norwegian childhood.

(Except the Galadriel-part) 

In kindergarten and in school we would spend most of the time out doors.

At home, regardless of the weather, my mom would open the door and point me in the direction of the woods. There, I would spend hours alone or with my friends, exploring natures mysteries.

When I became a teenager I wanted to skip school and hang out with smokers.

My mom resolved this by buying me a horse. A white stallion named Silk Stone. 

As a total Lord of the Rings fan, this was to good to be true!

From now on I spent my days galloping through the forest wearing my home made elf dress.

I guess every small town has a village idiot. 

I was glad to enrich my small town with one.



Sorry, not sorry...

Rock on Nerds! 


Old door - new function

Old door - new function