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This weekend we are attending a woodcarving course at Stiklestadir. 

Warning: This blog post contains hard core woodporn 

(Jiiz... I'm such a nerd...) 


Oseberg, Jelling, Mammen, Borre, Urnes, Ringerike... 

So many styles and options! 

Luckily the skilled crafters at Stiklastadir know their craft and how to guide us. 


What to make?

After some demonstrations of styles, techniques and tools we were asked to pick our own design. 

I went to look at the carvings in, on and around the longhouse at Stiklastadir 

I also found a Opstadsvev 

and a bunch of really cool toolmarks in wood


I ended up making a 30 cm tall wooden man. 

He is far from done, but getting there...



With all this inspiration circling through my veins I'm sure he will be gorgeous.


When he is done I'll put him by the fireplace. 

His name will be Tunkallj - the spirit watching over our farm 

The village idiot

The village idiot

Sauna love

Sauna love