My name is Ingrid Galadriel and this is a blog about my adventures in history, crafting, farm life, film production, music and nature. When I'm not doing farm life activities I'm a documentary producer at UpNorth Film and a project manager in Hands on History.

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Poland, pandemic & broken chairs

Poland, pandemic & broken chairs

Dear diary...

My week started with a crafting challenge.

I wanted to know if two could become one, as I had not one but two broken old wooden chairs. 

After three hours of pulling, prying and whittling I managed to merge two chairs into one rather unique chair. 

Rickard gave me beer, that helped the process. 


My week then continued with a visit to Falstadsenteret

"The national centre for education and documentation of the history of imprisonment in the Second World War, humanitarian international law and human rights" (Puh...)

All images from their Instagram

During the Second World War, Falstad was a a prison camp for political prisoners (SS-Strafgefangenenlager Falstad).

Falstad functioned as a labour camp, a transit camp and death camp.

The museum staff have several interesting projects going on and I really admire the work they do.

Such heavy thematics...

History never really says goodbye… History says "See you later" – Eduardo Galeano

Then, I got on the plane to Gdansk, Poland. 

I was joining in a (Policy Area Culture) workshop on cultural heritage and digitalization focusing on The Baltic Sea Region as an interconnected system. (Ha!)

In the workshop, I was representing and presenting Hands on History.

Notice my fascination for veggies?

To me, it was really absurd to see a farmers market with veggies and flowers in March. Back home it was -20 °C and heavy snow. We won't have farmers markets until late May...

Me in the streets of Gdansk, Old Town. Foto: Random group of young girls 

Me in the streets of Gdansk, Old Town. Foto: Random group of young girls 

When I wasn't looking at veggies I was being smart in the Town Hall.

The cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea is outstanding even in a global comparison!

This northerly inland sea has been a busy sea route for centuries. 

It harbors treasures such as submerged landscapes from the Stone Age, an abundance of shipwrecks from centuries of intense trade and conflict, and beautiful coastal landscapes formed by women and men living with the sea.

More projects in this region, yes please! 

There is an interesting mapping of the shipwrecks going on. Read more at BALTICRIM 

(Baltic rim... no thanks... hah...) 

When I got back to Norway I went straight to a screening party.

Director Håvard. Foto:  Kosmorama

Director Håvard. Foto: Kosmorama

I have been working with UpNorth Film since November and our new documentary Golden Dawn Girls had its first screening in Trondheim at the Kosmorama Film Festival.

I'm very proud to be a part of this team. 

Next day, atom war and pandemi had destroyed the world.

And who was left to fix it?

200 teenagers.

They asked me to help out with photos. 

My friends in the company Alibier were hosting a LARP (Live Action Role Playing Game) for confirmands.

The scenario: Earth destroyed. A few survivors create a new society in an old school building.

During my stay as a photographer I witnessed teenagers working together to solve complicated issues. 

At one point during the game some refugees came to the camp and the teenagers had to vote wether to let them in or to show them away.

They voted for the latter. 

The refugees died. 

Crocheted beadspread

Crocheted beadspread

After the pandemic photo mission I went to visit Lise, a Dane reciting in Trondheim. 

She had a couple of items she wished to let go of, and I was quick to show my interest! 

I am now the proud owner of a(nother) wooden bed, a(nother) crocheted bedspread, one hand embroidered bedspread and one hand embroidered towel. 

The Towel says "Hold orden" which translates:

"Keep the order" or "Keep it tidy". 

Heading back to the farm we managed to lure some friends with us. 

This week ended with dinner, board games, a hike in the ridges and coffee in the sun. 

How was your week? 

Clothes from the 1800s

Clothes from the 1800s