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Someone loves me

Someone loves me

We all have that one place where we cuddle up and relax. 

Here's mine. 

See those big pillows?

Up until the end of the 18th century, Norwegians slept sitting in an up right position. This is also why the bed is shorter than modern beds (not because people were shorter). 

Why you ask? 

There are many theories. Some thought they would get to much blood in their head if they lay down flat. Others feared that the devil/death might come to collect them - because they lay flat and therefore looked dead.  

Also, I can relax and sleep in this bed all by my self.

This was not the case 150 years ago. The night was dangerous and Norwegians were scared of trolls and spirits. Therefore we huddled up - maybe 2-3 people in one bed and several more people in one room. 


I bought the bed, the pillow cases and the crocheted bedspread second hand.

The bed is about 150 years old, the pillow cases and bedspread is about 100 years old. 

The pillow cases also have some Crochet - the text says "Jesus elsker deg" 

Which translates "Jesus loves you" 

I'm not a Christian, but its to cute to not mention...

Pottery Addiction

Pottery Addiction

The Barn - sweet decay

The Barn - sweet decay