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A few times in life you get a unexpected gift that bring you much joy.

The previous owner of the farm left us this Piano! 

I have a friend who is a piano tuner

He stopped by our farm the other day and tuned our piano.

He was amazed and surprised! Its in good condition, and all he had to do was tune it a bit.

The main reason for his surprise was not the age of the piano, but the brand. My friend says these pianos are usually very out of tune and hard to mend. 

The piano is made in Norway by the company Brødrene Hals. We checked the serial number at our piano was made in 1921. 

We got lucky. 

The Barn - sweet decay

The Barn - sweet decay

Trønderlån - our farmhouse from 1850

Trønderlån - our farmhouse from 1850